Friday, 21 September 2012

Bred in the Dark II

My, it's a long time since I've blogged!  

Bred in the Dark is still locked into KDP Select, but the sequel's up everywhere that I publish and it still makes sense if you haven't read the first one. I've got a coupon code for Smashwords - $0.99 until Sunday, just enter GD69K when you get to the checkout.
Now Georgia's tasted the ecstasy of being dominated by a subterranean creature, she wants more. He takes her deeper underground to an orchard of glowing fruit where she gets very sticky and he just has to lick her clean. As things heat up, he takes his chance to breed her again. Can she put her life in the sunlight behind her and find happiness with her new master?

Contains a dominant cave-monster, some fruity cunnilingus and rough breeding beneath the ground.

This short story is roughly 3,500 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

He let go of me and took my hand again, rushing me off into the heart of the greenery. The plants grew almost to the top of my head and we were lost in the thicket almost immediately. He zig-zagged a path to a clutch of huge dark fruit and plucked one, handing it to me.

I looked it over in the low light. It was like a big, round aubergine. I dug my thumbnail into it and found that the skin was thin. A wonderful, sweet aroma rose from the puncture I’d made along with a trickle of juice. My mouth began to water. He laughed, then bit into his own fruit, filling the air with more of the same honeyed scent.

My mouth watered and I followed his lead, sinking my teeth into the fruit that he’d given me. It was impossibly juicy – there was no elegant way to eat the thing. The pale flesh inside was fragrant and moreish. After just two bites, the lower half of my face was covered in sticky nectar and more juice was dribbling down my neck. He ‘stared’ at me as I ate, his own food forgotten as his pure white eyes swept from side to side.

Then he advanced on me, throwing his half-eaten fruit to the ground and taking hold of my wrists. He pulled me to the floor, flattening stems and leaves in his haste to get me on my back. Without another word, he began to lick the juice from my face, cleaning the syrupy fruit from my skin.

“Time to take what’s mine.” He moved his mouth over my throat, licking at me and sliding his hand out along my arm. He found the fruit still clutched in my hand and took it from me. I stiffened under his body, gasping for air.

“How much do you want me?”

He brought the remains of my food up to my chest and smeared it all over me.

“Answer me,” he grunted.

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