Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A was an amazing woman

When I sat down and planned this blog, I wanted to include some steamy content – I thought it would be a good way to exercise my writing muscles and give readers an idea of what I do. 

I don’t know how many of you will be familiar with the children’s rhyme A Was an Apple Pie. It was one of my favourites when I was a little girl and I learned it off by heart. It starts with the line A was an apple pie and then goes through the alphabet, listing what each letter did to A – B bit it, C cut it and so on.

What if the apple pie was replaced with a hot woman? What would B, C, D and the rest do to her? My answer is below.

A Was an Amazing Woman

A was an amazing woman,
B burned in need for her,
C craved the sight of her,
D dropped his pants for her,
E embraced all of her,
F fell in lust with her,
G groped and fondled her,
H had a taste of her,
I inked his name on her,
J juddered under her,
K kissed the core of her,
L licked each bit of her,
M moaned and gasped for her,
N nipped and nibbled her,
O oiled and massaged her,
P plunged inside of her,
Q quoted Nin for her,
R rubbed himself on her,
S sucked and savoured her,
T tongued her clit for her,
U used his toys on her,
V vowed to pleasure her,
W wanked all over her,
X, Y and Z watched like the voyeurs they were.

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