Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tastes better than pizza

Picture by Mateusz Atroszko
A free short story for you. Enjoy.

I’d never seen him with his hair down before. He had to wear a hairnet and a paper hat when he was on the clock. Then one day, I saw him on a smoking break in the alley beside the pizza parlour, leaning against the wall with his uniform hat in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He finished his smoke, threw his cigarette butt on the floor and swept his dark blonde hair into a ponytail.
The sight of him rooted me to the spot, unable to think. Inside my coat pockets, my hands wandered towards my crotch. When I realised what my subconscious had in mind, I folded my arms and felt myself flush bright red.
Shit, he’d seen me. Or had he? I looked around, hoping he was talking to someone else, my heart pounding in my chest.
‘No, you. Hawaiian with extra cheese, right?’ He was talking to me. I felt my cheeks go hot. ‘You coming in?’ He came closer to the street and I shook my head. I’d seen him now. I didn’t need to go inside.
Understanding brightened his eyes and he smiled at me. ‘Do you want a smoke?’ He stepped back a little, holding out his battered pack of cigarettes. I nodded and stepped into the alley, trying not to think about what I might be treading in.
The cigarette felt alien between my lips. Smoking was for bad girls and femme fatales. Not for me. He clicked his lighter and brought the flame to my cigarette. I breathed in deeply, the dirty taste taking me back to a teenage night years before. The night I’d taken one chance, then decided to be a good girl.
I blew out the smoke and watched him light up.
‘You come in a lot, don’t you?’
I smiled at him, not knowing what to say. It was pretty obvious why I bought all that pizza.
He smiled back and took my free hand. ‘Your hand’s cold.’
Before I could respond, he put my finger in his mouth and sucked, the heat of his mouth sending shivers right through me. I dropped my own cigarette and became a character in my own movie, stepping around him to put my hand on the bulge in his trousers. He was hard already.
I looked him in the eye and squeezed his erection, feeling my way up the shaft through his clothes. His eyes fluttered closed and he sucked harder, gripping the base of my finger with his teeth so that it almost hurt. I pulled my hand away and got down on my knees, fumbling to get his zip undone. I had to be quick, do it while I still felt faint from all the adrenaline rushing through my veins. If I stopped to think about it, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.
I undid his trousers and freed his cock. He held onto my shoulders and I kissed the eye of his beautiful dick.  As I looked up, he opened his eyes and gave me a look of pure need. ‘Hurry,’ he begged me.
I took him in my mouth. As much as I could manage without gagging. The salt of his pre-cum made my mouth water and I sucked at him. His hands tightened on my shoulders as I guzzled at him. I wanted to eat him up. I wanted to give him the best blow job he’d ever had. When he was ninety, I wanted him to think back and remember me with a smile.
Under my jeans, my panties were soaked. I hoped he’d see to me afterwards, but something in the back of my mind called that wishful thinking. I didn’t care.  The chance to suck him off was more than I’d ever imagined I’d get. I was going to savour every minute of it.
I eased him out of my mouth until the tip of his cock was at my lips, then I started to lap at him. I flicked my tongue all over the bulb of his penis and he leaned back against the wall, making little noises of pleasure. He thrust his hips at me and I opened wide to take him into my mouth again. Holding him steady by his hips, I drew him in and out of my mouth, pressing my tongue to the underside of his cock.
It didn’t take long after that. A few strokes and he shuddered, spurting into my mouth. I swallowed it down and licked him clean, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand as I got up and he fastened his trousers.
I stood there for a moment, wondering if he wanted me to leave. Then he took me by the wrist, pulled me in close and gave me a long, thorough kiss. He must have been able to taste his cum in my mouth, but he didn’t seem to care.
The kiss ended and he looked at his watch. This was when he would blow me off and go back to work. I steeled myself not to care.
‘I’ve got to go back in now.’
‘Okay.’ I turned to leave, but he came up behind me and put his hand between my legs. The heat in my pussy leapt back up to full strength. ‘Come back when we close and I’ll return the favour,’ he whispered in my ear.

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