Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ebooks and Short Story Free Read

My New Year's resolution was to get my writing ready for publication by the beginning of April and the new tax year. I've done it! Valentine's Day was the prod I needed to get everything formatted. Here's one of my covers:

You can download books and samples at my Smashwords page and my Amazon page

In the meantime, here's another short story I've got up on

Paper Trail

As I lie here on the bed, waiting for you, I hear the sound of the key in the door and know that you must have found the first of my notes. I’ve been busy in the past hour, getting everything ready for us to start the weekend off right.
After a long day at the office, I want you to relax, so that is exactly what the post-it note on the inner door says. Take a deep breath and blow out the working day.
 I can picture your face as you read it. The tiredness giving way to amusement as you wonder what I have in store for you. Maybe a naughty twinkle in your eye if you think of other treats I’ve arranged for you in the past.
I hear you close the doors behind you. You’ll hang your coat in the hall and step out of your shoes the way you do every weeknight. It’s sweet that you’re such a creature of habit. And then you’ll find my next instruction. The second little yellow square that I’ve left out for you.
Take off your tie and shirt.
 In my head, I see you so clearly, baring your chest as you walk down the hall. There’s enough of a chill to bring your nipples up into little hard nubs that sit in the sea of your chest hair. You were smooth and waxed when I met you. Then I mentioned that I like the feel of hair against my skin, and you never waxed again.
I hear your tread on the stairs and a shiver of expectation trills across my skin. You must have seen note number three by now.
Off with those pants, and the shorts too.
I know every inch of your body, every mole and fold of skin. I know parts of you that you’ll never see. My mind’s eye recreates you coming to find me, the muscles in your strong legs flexing as you climb the stairs, free of your suit. Free of the week and ready to spend time with me. I imagine you as I saw you last – tanned from our break in the sun, with a paler swathe of flesh that only I get to see.
Excitement builds in me as I hear you get closer. The next post-it is at the top of the stairs. A smile stretches across my face as I think of what it says.
Don’t forget the socks.
I know you too well. You won’t have been able to resist the joke of leaving them on.
The landing floorboard creaks and I know you’re just outside, reading the note on our bedroom door. A tingle starts up between my legs as I think of what I’ve written.
Are you hard yet? You can’t come in until you’re hard.
You chuckle then. I love the sound of your laughter. I’m so happy to be with you. It’s good to know I make you happy too.
The door opens and you linger in the doorway. You’re certainly eligible to come in. I’ll never get tired of seeing you like that. Knowing that you still want to fuck me.
When you see me on the bed, you laugh again. I’m only slightly less naked than you are. As I recline on the bed, resting on my elbows with one leg raised, my final post-it note does a poor job of covering my pussy.
“What does that one say?” you ask me.
“Why don’t you come and read it?”
You come closer, your erection bobbing as you walk toward me. Then you kneel at the end of the bed. We don’t touch, but I can almost feel the weight of your gaze on me. The heat of your body warms my ankles when you rest your arms on either side of them.
“Enter here?”
I nod and you climb up the bed to peel the piece of yellow paper off me. The glue tugs at my pubic hair, heightening the tension in my body. You look up at me, your eyes heavy with desire. I am so ready for you to take me.
My pussy is hot with anticipation, wet with the need for you to touch me. You place your hands on my legs, smoothing your way upwards until you reach the top of my thighs. Then you use your fingertips to trace patterns on the sensitive skin along my bikini line.
 I clench up, sure that you’re about to go lower. Instead, you take your hands away and lean down to kiss my clit.
That first intimate act raises goosebumps on my skin. You give me a teasing lick that makes me draw in a sharp breath. Then you move up my body as I fall back and lie flat on the bed, gasping beneath you. Your lips linger at my navel and you write trails up and down my sides with your fingers.
I reach for you and caress your shoulders, your neck, urging you up to my face. You’re making  my nerve endings dance, but I feel selfish. I want you where I can reach your cock and return some of the pleasure you’re giving me.
You reach my chest and plant a wet kiss between my breasts. As I take hold of your dick, you cover my nipples – one with your mouth, one with your hand. The strength of my grip startles you and you pinch my hardened nipple between your finger and thumb. There’s no need for us to be too gentle with each other. I twist my hand around you and you my nipple pops out of your mouth as you let out a groan.
Good. I want you to sing for me tonight and show me how good it feels when we make love. I pull on your dick, guiding you up my body. Your lips find mine, kissing me hungrily while you continue to knead at my breasts.
You let go with one hand and reach between my legs. I’m so wet, your thumb slides easily across my clit. As you rub and flick at the most tender part of me, you bombard me with a maddening variety of kisses. Sloppy ones that make me think you’ve lost control. Tender ones that echo the first kiss we ever shared. Ghostly ones that whisper against my neck.
All the while, I work at your cock with my hand. But I need some lubrication. Stretching down past your busy fingers, I run my hand over the opening of my pussy. When I take you in hand again, I’m slick with my own juice. I slide my curled fingers along your length, moving my hand up and down until your kisses peter out and your eyes roll closed. You loom over me for a moment and our eyes lock. I’ve never felt so sexy, so wanted. You take my breath away. I let go of you and stroke your face with the back of my hand.
“I love you,” you tell me.
I open my mouth to tell you how I feel, but in that moment, you bury your cock in my pussy and my breath catches in my throat. “I love you,” I say, the words coming out in a gasp as you make another thrust and I clutch at your waist. You fill me up, but I want more. I raise my hips to meet your strokes, bumping gently against you every time you slide into me.
I close my eyes again to focus on the feelings building inside me. We find our rhythm and you slam into me, pushing me closer to the edge each time. As we move together I dig my fingers into the skin of your waist, drawing you in deeper so I can feel every last bit of you.
“Open your eyes. I want to see your eyes.”
I do as you ask and look into your eyes. I see a depth of feeling there that makes my heart stutter. You thrust into me and I come like that, looking into you, feeling totally connected to you. I cry out, but I resist the impulse to lower my lids. I want to stay with you and see you ride the crest of your own orgasm.
As you carry on driving into me I hold your gaze, watching your eyes cloud with passion. You’re almost there. You look at me, look into me and see how much it means for me to be with you like this. Then you reach your peak and hold yourself still above me, your face flushed and your lips so full.
You brush the hair from my forehead, run a finger along my cheek and I lean into your hand. Then you kiss me. Long and sweet. A kiss full of promises that lets me know we’ll make love like this for many years to come. You lie beside me then and I turn to snuggle into you, breathing in your smell of musk and fresh sweat.
You wrap your arms around me and we lie together in the peaceful aftermath. My heart slows and I feel your cock grow soft against my thigh. You feel hot. Your skin is damp from the exertion and you throw the covers off you. I kiss your collarbone and you kiss the top of my head.
This quiet time is as special to me as the wild sex. Just to be here beside you and feel your skin against mine is heavenly. Your fingers are restless, skimming a line from my hip to my chest and back again. We drowse and you settle into stroking the hair at my temple. I play with your chest hair, smoothing it against the grain and twirling my finger in it until you twitch.
“Are you okay?” You kiss my head again.
“I’m better than okay.” I tilt my head to kiss your lips. As we part, the doorbell rings and you sit up.
“Come on, let’s get up.” You jump out of bed and hurry into a robe.
“Are you expecting somebody?” I pull the sheet up to cover myself.
A grin spreads across your face. “You’re not the only one who made plans for tonight.” I don’t know what to think. I’m in no fit state for guests. Not after what you just did to me.
“Actually, you can stay right there.” You disappear out of the room and I hear you head downstairs. The doorbell rings again before you open the door. There are voices, some good-natured laughter and the front door closes.
After a while, I hear you coming up the stairs. Then the door opens and you come inside carrying plates, cutlery and a bulging plastic bag.
“Now that we’ve worked up an appetite, we can have the food I ordered.” You bring out a feast of chow mein, fried rice, kung po chicken and beef in mixed bean sauce.
And I thought I couldn’t love you any more.

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  1. Great story. Brought back some sweet memories. I sure miss those days.